Friday, November 7, 2008

Emergency Preparedness

The following lists contain suggested items that are intended for use in an unexpected emergency where you are forced to leave your home abruptly for an extended period of time. These items should be packed together in a tote or bag that can easily be snatched up and carried in a hurry.

Fast Emergency Items
  • cell phone/HAM radio/CB radio
  • clothing
  • cash in small bills ($5's and $10's)
  • medications
  • matches
  • lantern with extra fuel
  • flashlight
  • batteries
  • toiletries
  • first-aid kit
  • tent
  • combo knife (Leatherman)
  • Boy Scout Handbook
  • Red Binder: A waterproof zip-up pocket binder that contains either copies or originals of
  • ID (Driver's License/Passport)
  • Birth Certificates
  • Social Security Cards
  • Marriage License
  • Updated Individual and Family Pictures
  • Emergency Phone Numbers
  • Addresses of Family and Friends

Fast Emergency Food Supplies
  • granola
  • dried fruit and vegetables
  • bottled water
  • jerky
  • multi-vitamins
  • baby food/formula
  • candy bars
  • energy/nutrition bars
  • nuts
  • dehydrated army food packets

Other Items
  • feeding bottles for infants
  • consecrated oil
  • hand sanitizer
  • diapers/wipes
  • keep fuel in car at least HALF full-never empty!

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