Saturday, January 1, 2000

Shelf Reliance


About Shelf Reliance~
Steve Palmer and Jason Budge met through their student government involvement at Utah State University. Steve was the Student Body President and Jason was Student Advocate V.P. They quickly became best friends -- a relationship that still remains. After graduation they moved next to each other and gained employment with the same company.

In 2005, Steve and Jason began to collaborate on starting their own business. They gathered their savings, quit their jobs, and began to devise a business concept based around food rotation shelving. Shelf Reliance started as an out-of-the-garage development—literally. After formulating their shelving system plans, Steve and Jason began to build prototypes in Jason’s garage.

After 5 months of intense planning, fast paced learning, hard work, late nights, and the excitement that accompanies starting a business, Steve and Jason were ready to launch their product. Not knowing where to begin, they decided to start their business by selling their Food Rotation Systems door to door. The first official day of business generated no sales or leads. After a horrible, unsuccessful attempt at gaining momentum, Steve and Jason felt a sense of impending doom. They even contemplated re-applying for their old jobs.

Feeling passionate about their product and business concept (and not wanting to throw their investment away), Steve and Jason decided to keep trekking. They opened a very small office in Orem, UT and hoped for the best. Two days after their grand opening three Food Rotation Systems were sold and Shelf Reliance was officially off the ground.

Three years later Shelf Reliance is a rapidly expanding company. Since developing their first Food Rotation Systems, Steve and Jason have come to understand the importance of emergency preparedness planning. To answer the growing demand for products in this industry, Steve and Jason have launched both a food storage and emergency kit/supply division.