Monday, October 27, 2008

37th Week

Spaghetti Sauce
Those noodles won't be any good without some sauce! Amount needed is based on your past use and storage. Sauce is a great source of vitamins and minerals. They also come in a great variety. Shelf life is 3 years. It comes in a 1 lb. 11 oz. can and can cost about $1.09. Watch for sales and stock up!

38th Week

Chocolate Chips
Amount is based on preference. The shelf life is approximately 2 years, but if stored in a freezer, they can last 4-5 years. Over time, the chocolate may get a whitish coating on the outside. This is the result of the cocoa butter coming to the surface. This doesn't affect the quality or taste of the food. This qualifies for 60 lbs. per person of sugar needs.

39th Week

Red, White and Pinto Beans
This item is included in the 60 lbs. of legumes per person. The cost is about $16.92 per case at dry pack and weighs 30 lbs. The shelf life is 10 years. These are great in chili and tacos.

40th Week

This item is included in the 300 lbs. of total grains per person and qualifies as a treat as well.
Shelf life is 2-3 years.

41st Week

The amount needed is based on preference. The cost is about $35.10 at dry pack for 30 lb. case. The shelf life is 5-7 years. Available in both vanilla and chocolate.

42nd Week

This item is included in the 300 lbs. of grain per person. The cost is about $9.90 for a 30 lb. case at dry pack. The shelf life is close to forever. Maybe that's why this is probably the most common food storage item we've all heard about before! Wheat has complete nutrients, but needs to be ground for many uses.

43rd Week

Shelf life is 10 years. Watch for sales.

44th Week

Concentrated Fruit Juice
These come in those "pop" type cans. They are easy to store because there is no freezing or refrigeration needed. Available at the grocery stores. Watch for sales!

45th Week

Included in the 300 lbs. of grains per person. Available at dry pack in an 18 lb. case at a cost of $12.42. Shelf life is 10 years.

46th Week

Your Choice!
This would be a good week to stock up on some of your family's favorite prepared mixes, etc.

47th Week

Potato Slices, Granules, Diced
These may be purchased elsewhere in bulk. Once purchased they can be taken to the cannery and canned at a later date.

48th Week

Catch-up Week!
Check and rotate your storage. Get current on any items through weeks 37-47. You are almost complete! What an accomplishment!

49th Week

Tetanus Immunizations
What did you say? I may need a shot? Yes, you read it correctly. In the case of a disaster, there will be a lot of debris to work through. The church authorities, as well as the Health Department, recommend that we have our tetanus immunizations shots "boosted" every 5-10 years. Check your records, or check with your family physician to see if you are in need of a booster.

50th Week

Baking Powder
This item will once again be necessary for baking. Shelf life is 3-5 years.

51st week

Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins
If we have a disaster, our water storage will become too precious to clean dishes every day. Consider buying plates in bulk quantities. If paper is used, it can also be burned as fuel.

52nd week

Your Choice!
You might want to consider canned chili or stew, ramen noodles or dry soup mixes. Also prepared mixed are a good alternative. Whatever appeals to your family. Be aware of the expiration dates and rotate accordingly.